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Cycling around The Hague

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Perfect cycle map from the part of Zuid-Holland with The Hague / Den Haag and surroundings including Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Leidschendam, Voorburg, Zoetermeer,†Wassenaar, the Westland and Rotterdam, Delft†and Gouda. The great advantage of this cycling map is that it contains the cycle routes called ' knooppunten' from the new ' fietsknooppuntennetwerk'.†The routes can be followed simply by following the numbers which are marked on the map and in the field.†So you don't need to speak or read Dutch to follow the routes. The scale of this map is 1:50.000 which is very detailled. Also Long Distance Cycle Routes are drawn in on this† map, as well as a lot of tourist information like†vvv tourist offices, restaurants, camp†sites, bike sheds, viewpoints, huts for birdwatching, riding schools, mills, castles, churches, museums and even theaters. Anwb fietskaart 14 Zuid-Holland

Cycling around The Hague, Meijendel, cycle routes, cycle paths,

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